lunedì 4 ottobre 2010

Miss Ukulele & Little Frankenstein

written by Luana Vergari & drawn by Teodora Gales
It’s the wacky and lunatic story of a nine years old girl, Miss Ukulele, and of her personal monster: Little Frankenstein whom she made using different parts of her cracked toys.
Miss Ukulele always has crazy ideas to put in practice, and she is despotic and authoritarian with the defenseless and timid Little Frankenstein whom she obligates to do horrible and quite impolite deeds.
At the end of each adventure Miss Uku fails all her impossible and definitely foolish missions!
Of course, she always thinks that’s Little Frankenstein’ s fault and so destroys her monster by playing a note on her Ukulele.


L'autre est toujours plus riche, intelligent, beau, séduisent que moi. Mieux élevé, hébergé, habille, employé. L'autre est...